Carrie & David

Family Sunday: Carrie and David

Carrie & David

In a July post, Praying For You, I mentioned that our two youngest children, Carrie and David, died in a car accident on Mother’s Day in 2007.  They were 10 & 8 years old.  Last month they would have celebrated their 16th & 14th birthdays.



This past week my daughter Kristin wrote a beautiful tribute to them on her blog and I wanted to share it with you.  You can read her thoughts here.  We miss Carrie and David terribly but we are grateful for our testimony of Jesus Christ, His atoning sacrifice, and the hope and comfort that He brings.

I don’t think anyone gets through life without heartache.  I am currently reading the story of a man who lost his wife and two of his four children in a car accident in 2007.  He talks about his love and hope.  His story is powerful, and I appreciate his willingness to share it.  I want to be willing to share my story also in hopes that it will help someone else.

If you are suffering, may God bless and comfort you and your family.  You are not alone.

God bless you all,



  1. Nancy Wells

    So well said, Julie! We do miss them terribly! I’m sure you as parents, the most of all! That feeling of missing them will never leave us until we see them again. In the meantime we have the assurance that comes, the comfort that comes, the knowledge that heaven has given to us through personal revelation that He lives. Because He lives we will all live again in love. May that sweet message ring in all of our ears until we get a taste of eternity ourselves. Love you and appreciate the wonderful pictures you posted of David and Carrie! Have good times with your family!

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