Thoughts and Prayers sympathy card angle

Praying For You

I can’t hardly watch the news this week because of the reports of the movie massacre in Colorado.  It just makes me so sad!  I just keep thinking of all the families (including the family of the suspect) that are hurting deeply because of this senseless violence.

I thought about them as I made this card last night.

Thoughts and Prayers sympathy card angle

Five years ago I started blogging on a blog I called creative distraction.  I called it creative distraction because it was a distraction from my pain of losing my two youngest children in a car accident in the spring of that year.  So seeing the suffering is very real to me.  My thoughts and prayers are truly with these families.

Thoughts and Prayers sympathy card detail

So no long explanation today.  No card recipe.  Just prayers for the many who are suffering.

Thoughts and Prayers sympathy card

Please forgive me for being so personal.

God Bless, Julie


  1. Robyn

    Yes is a terrible thing… And it is terrible what happened to you too..
    I will join you in prayers for them..and send a hug to you

  2. Alicia Graham

    Dear Julie, I know that I am a stranger to you, but my heart goes out to you by reading of the loss of your children. Although the pain becomes more bearable as years go on, it never abates with a loss such as yours. I am so sorry.
    Sending you much love, Alicia

  3. Debbie

    I cannot begin to imagine the pain of losing a child much less two and my heart goes out to you. I also have such a sadness of heart and feel true pain for those who were involved in the Colorado incident. So many lives affected forever with far reaching impact on each and every one of us.

  4. Gail Schoolcraft

    To lose a child is truly one of the most devastating losses. You have my sympathy. Our prayers also went out to those victims and families in Colorado, as well as the whole community. All suffer when something like this happens.

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