lovely as a tree lake card

Day On The Lake With Lovely As A Tree

lovely as a tree lake card

I made this lake thank you card for my friend that invited us to their lake house this past weekend.  Thank you, Lisa!  We spent Saturday on the boat and really had a great time watching the kids ski, play in the water, buzz around on the jet ski and jump from the diving rock.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera with me so the card is all you get to see!

lovely as a tree lake detail

I made this brayered card similar to the Father’s Day card and just added the lake and mounted it a little differently.

lovely as a tree lake close up

I think creating these little works of art is so much fun and so immensely satisfying.  Don’t you?  It’s the best kind of instant gratification.

lovely as a tree lake thank you card

Enjoy!  Julie


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