love is always the answer

My Word for 2014 Is LOVE

love is always the answer

Truly, love is the only thing that really matters!

When you back into your garage door…yes, I did that…all that really matters is love.

When you’re ten minutes late for an appointment because you lost track of time….yes, I did that too…love is all that really matters.

When you don’t agree about politics…it’s true, my husband and I don’t agree…love is the answer.

Love is always the answer blue

When you are overwhelmed and you’re not sure what to do…love.

When you’re sad and lonely…love.

When you feel sick and tired and tired and sick…the answer is love.

LOVE is always the answer!

I believe in God.  And I believe that God loves us with a powerful love that is incomprehensible.  And I believe that when we replace all our sad, bad, lonely, frustrated feelings with love, we fill our lives with God’s love.

And that is powerful.

What’s all this have to do with stamping?  Maybe nothing.  Except that I feel so blessed to have stamping and you in my life.  And I feel blessed to hear about how you bless others with your handcrafted cards and gifts.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a blessed day!



  1. Paula Rough

    Amen to all that. I like to think we spread the love by sending hand made cards. Everyone I have ever talked to loves receiving them, it perks up their day. All the rest of that I totally agree with. Thanks.

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