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My Digital Studio

I’m excited to add this new button to my sidebar.  And you’ll notice I have a new tab on my menu at the top of the page too.  The galleries are not complete yet but I’ve added a project picture gallery to the site to make it easier to see the projects that I’ve added here.  So far I’ve started indexing my cards and my 3-d projects.  Soon I hope to have most of those projects indexed and then add the Big Shot, MDS, scrapbook and video tutorial project galleries.  I hope you will enjoy this new feature as I continue to develop it.

I do a lot of planning and researching on blogging to bring you the very best product possible.  Last year I read an article that stated that craft/project/diy blogs must have a projects gallery.  Wow, that makes sense!  But it has taken a long time between ‘that makes sense’ and being able to get it done.

It turns out setting up a project gallery is a little more complicated than I originally thought.  After searching and searching and asking and asking and so on, I finally hire Kristi from Lanauer Designs to help me get it set up.  She did a fantastic job.  And now that it’s set up, it’s easy.  I can’t believe how easy.  But sometimes you just need that extra help.

So have fun in my project gallery and I’ll keep working on getting it set up nicely so you can enjoy it!

Until next time!  🙂  Julie

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