winter snow print framable

It Might As Well Snow!

winter snow print framable

This is now my ‘if you have lemons, make lemonade’ quote.  (Created in MDS.) You see I grew up and lived in Florida, The Sunshine State, most of my life.  Then we moved to Texas 17 years ago.  I was still at home with sun, warmth, humidity, and even palm trees and beaches.  Okay, the beaches in Texas are iffy, but you get the idea.  Last year we moved to Kentucky.  And I have no idea why some people consider this part of the south.  It’s not south enough for me, but it is beautiful and people talk like they are from the south, so we’ll give them that.

snow day in Kentucky
picture from my back deck, January 2013 in Kentucky

 Which leads us to this quote – my quote.  Because I’m still shocked when it starts snowing.  I’ve never really lived anywhere permanently where it snows.  So this has been my thought lately – bring on the snow – because if it’s going to be cold, it might as well be SNOWING!

I created this frameable quote in about 10 minutes in My Digital Studio, using fonts and the snowflake from the SAB Lemonade Stand dvd.  Here’s the details:

Background: Color = BORDERING BLUE 148,166,180
Stamp Brush: Lemonade Stand Designer Kit – snowflake, Color = SAHARA SAND
Fonts: Ballpark & Bebas

Here’s a ‘It Might as well snow’ framable that you can share or print or display or enjoy or none-of-the-above…your choice!

Enjoy!  Julie

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