Digital Tuesday: A Free Download and How to Create a Blog Header

Kristin Blog Header_resize

Creating a blog banner or header is easy to do in My Digital Studio.  This is the banner my niece, Danielle designed for my daughter and my website.  She used two fonts for this design, Bebas and Ballpark.  By adding each letter as a separate text box you can overlap the letters to get this look.  You can change the opacity of your text by clicking on the text box and changing the opacity on the slider in the design center.

Here’s another design we considered for the site which was also created in MDS.  We ultimately went with the design above.  Which design do you prefer?

greenleaves&jam header

There are some great new digital downloads this week, including a couple of graduation card and scrapbook downloads.  Also, April’s wallpaper is now available as a free download.

There are five new digital downloads available this week including a FREE downloadClick here to get the My Digital Studio software.

Click here to see all of the latest digital design downloads.

Click here to shop ALL of the available digital design downloads.

Enjoy!  Julie

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