And the Blog Candy Winners Are…

Congratulations to the following winners of the 2013 Stamping Julie Valentine’s Day blog candy!

Please e-mail me with your name, e-mail address and street address so I can send out your prizes.  I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and all the wonderful plans you have for Valentine’s Day to make it extra special for those you love!

Mari Cece wrote:

I will be celebrating my dad and hubby birthday….two of my greatest loves…

Rosemarie wrote:

plans … unsure at moment…  love your site!  hope you have a wonderful valentine’s day yourself.

Alicia Graham wrote:

We usually have a quiet at-home celebration to avoid the crowds. We always write each other letters and then read them together on Valentine’s Day. It’s been a sweet tradition!

Marcie King wrote:

For the first time since 1996, I will  NOT be delivering flowers to others on Valentine’s Day!  Therefore, I will be able to actually enjoy the day.  Already received a beautiful heart necklace from my hubby of 31 years so I can wear it this week and have tickets to a nice dinner with entertainment of an illusionist after.  Really looking forward to the
romantic holiday that I used to dread!

Lynette Gales wrote:

I hope to spend a little quality time with my Honey before leaving to go babysit my new grandbaby for a week! Love your card ideas Julie!

Betty T. wrote:

My hubby made reservations for us at our favorite restaurant.

Karen Lipinski wrote:

Well, I will be attending a stamping sleepover at a friends house and we will be stamping 8 a.m. to midnight. We do this every Valentine’s weekend. Can’t wait…..

Suzie Paul wrote:

Well, after 32 years of marriage, two years ago I was dealt a divorce that I never wanted.  So this Valentine’s Day I’ll be babysitting two sweet grandchildren who will be waiting for their mommy to return after a 4-day business trip.  She was widowed when she was 28 yrs old, and 6 weeks pregnant.  None of us would choose to be in these situations, but we each know that God is in control and promises to provide for our every need! Maybe we’ll make Valentines for Mommy while we wait for her arrival!

Christi wrote:

My sis-in-law gave me some instructions for making some valentines so I made several and am having fun filling them with sweet chocolate goodies and giving them away, tomorrow I plan to give to someone I don’t yet know.  Not sure yet details for our Valentines of our wonderful 29 years marriage! Still an amazing love!

Jo Dee Geer wrote:

Made valentines for all of the widows in my SS class. Made pocket cards with treats for my co-workers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Julie

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