Family Sunday: Halloween Share

Today I wanted to share a few pictures of my grandkids from Halloween.  I loved getting these pictures.  It’s hard to be so far away and not be there for these fun times, but I’m very grateful to get the pictures and all the fun stories that go along with them.

Here’s Stephanie with her kiddos all dressed up and ready to go!

steph's family

And here’s a picture of 3 yo Savannah on an dragon ice sculpture from a couple days before.  Isn’t that amazing?

sav with ice dragon

Can you see Savannah in this picture?  She was waiting in the cackling contest line.  She had been looking forward to it for days and practiced on the way there.  So funny!  Mom reports she did great and won a vampire blow toy.  🙂

sav in witch line

Here’s Kristin’s family.  Can you tell what their costume theme was this year?

hunger games theme costumes

  Kristin was Katniss, Joel was Peeta and Siena was Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games.  Here’s the mockingjay pin Kristin made to go on her jacket.

hunger games mockingjay pin

Here’s a couple more pictures of their Hunger Games themed costumes.

katniss & effie trinket costumes

Kristin says that Siena was pretty mad about the lipstick.  🙂

siena as effie trinket

And look at this darling picture of little Siena trick-or-treating.

Kristin writes:  “Halloween = Pure joy for a first time parent.”

Siena trick-or-treating One daughter lives in Idaho and the other lives in Texas.  I bet you can tell which is which!?  The children are sooo sweet!  And their moms are too I might add!

Enjoy, Julie


  1. Gail Schoolcraft

    Loved seeing the pictures of your daughters and families! They are so cute. Know what you mean by being so far away—but thank heavens for the modern electronics we now have to share pictures, etc. Still enjoy a snail mail though and a picture for the hallway wall. Thanks for sharing with us!

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