Family Sunday: Happy Birthday, Mother!

mother CA service mission

Here’s my cute mother and it’s her birthday today!  She is such an inspiration.  She is currently on a service mission in California working in the employment office and helping dozens of people find good employment.  What a tremendous help she is to so many desperate for a good job!

family disney picture

Last year she had a milestone birthday and my sister, brother and I took her to Disney World to celebrate!

mother julie kari 2010

And maybe you’ve seen this picture of my mom, my sister and me from a couple of years ago, when she had two granddaughters get married a couple of weeks apart.  First my daughter and then my niece.

I’ve used this picture on facebook and my ‘about’ page when I tell the story about all of us learning to stamp over 20 years ago when my mom bought a heat embossing kit at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Florida.  That’s where our love of stamping all began!

My mom has made handmade cards and gifts for family and friends for years.  And for a couple of years she taught a cute group of girls in a Sunday School class.  Each week she would make each of them a small hand made card with the scriptures to study that week.   Those girls loved her little cards and it inspired them to read their Bible verses each week.

Mother at 2.5 yrs At age 2 1/2, with her brother.

mother at 5 At age 5.

mother at 15 At age 15.

Happy Birthday, Mother!



  1. Nancy Wells

    Oh, Julie, what a sweet surprise! It’s true my girls and I have been stamping for years! We always have so much fun together! It’s a birthday without my girls and my son. Hope I don’t have anymore of those kinds of birthdays. I love being with them and especially love to stamp and create our “works of art.” Thanks for the sweet tribute, Julie! Sure love you! Mother

  2. Gail Schoolcraft

    Julie, You’ve certainly inherited your giving nature from your mother. Congratulations to your mother on her birthday; may she be blessed with many more. Gail

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