Sunday Inspiration: The Hills

See that steep road in the center of the picture above.  This is the view off my back deck and that’s the hill I ride my bike up a couple of times a week!  Honestly, it’s steeper in person.  Something about the camera that flattens things and distorts it a bit.

I’m a Florida girl who has lived in Texas.  Bottom line – I’ve never learned how to negotiate hills on my bike or use my gears.  So this is what I’m learning, and that hill above is my ‘bunny slope’.  I actually climb that hill at least three times while I’m out riding….

Because this is what I have to do next!!!

And that’s just to get out of my neighborhood!

I started doing a cycling class three times a week at the beginning of the summer.  It’s hard work and the first week I got sick and almost passed out but now that I do it regularly I really enjoy the class.  And that’s when I got motivated to replace my bike and ride.

So when I’m in spin class, I visualize this hill, and I visualize climbing up the hill, and I crank up the resistance.  And one day soon I’ll make it up the hill!!!

And I’ll ask you to celebrate with me!!

What ‘hills’ are you climbing?

Tell us your story…

and let us celebrate with you when you reach the top of your hill!

Enjoy! Julie

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