Business Kindness!

Seriously, where do they get these people?  Because I want more of them!!  I’ve been working with Stampin’ Up! for nearly ten years and I have NEVER had a bad experience when I’ve called demonstrator support for help.  I don’t know what’s in the water at the home office, but if they bottled it, I’d buy it.  EVERYONE, without exception, that has answered the phone when I’ve called is out-of-this-world kind and nice and helpful and happy.  Love it!  🙂

I’m sure I could be accused of drinking the Stampin’ Up! kool-aid, but I’m OK with that because I have good reason to be satisfied.  The highest-quality, coordinated products at great prices and truly lovely people with whom to work!

I talked to the electric company today – yea, not such a great experience. 🙁

  • By the way, if your interested in joining Stampin’ Up! because you want to start a low-cost business for income or you want it all and would like the prices and specials demonstrators enjoy click here.
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