Clear Mount Stamp Set Sticker Solution

clear mount stamps with 2-way glue I’ve been meaning to share this tip with you for a few weeks.  Here’s a picture I took a month ago shortly after adding 2-way glue to the stickers on my Stampin’ Up! clear-mount stamps. Maybe you have noticed too that the cling on the stamps is not as strong with sticker on.

And maybe you have wondered what 2-way means on the 2-way glue.  Well, 2-way glue is a permanent adhesive when you adhere glitter (my favorite use for this glue) while the glue is wet but if you apply it and let it dry, it acts much like a sticky note and the bond is temporary.

clear mount stamps with 2-way glue

So if you love using the stickers on your Stampin’ Up! clear-mount stamps and wishing for more cling, rub some 2-way glue on the stickers and let it dry completely and you can have your stickers and your cling too!!

Enjoy! Julie

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  1. Gail S.

    Super idea, Julie. Just yesterday I had a stamp fall off the acrylic block and make a smudge on my image panel requiring some creative fixing. I definitely will start doing this to my cling stamps! Thanks for sharing this tip.

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