BREAKING NEWS! New Prices for My Digital Studio

BREAKING NEWS!  Stampin’ Up! just announced new prices for My Digital Studio software! 

Here’s the announcement and all the details from the Stampin’ Up! Digital Team:

Big Changes for My Digital Studio

For the past few months, we’ve been working on some big changes, and we just can’t contain ourselves anymore. So, raise your hands if you want to know what we’ve been up to? (Yes, we can sense your virtual curiosity.)

Alright, here it goes:

  1. We’re changing the name of the software to MDS. Now, you might be asking yourself, didn’t it just change to MDS 2 last year? Yep, it sure did.
  2. We’re lowering the price! What has been known as MDS 2+ is now $19.95 US/$24.95 CAN and will be called . . . yes, you guessed it, MDS. It’s the same great software and content at a fantastic new price.
  3. Coming soon: all of you who have been holding onto the original My Digital Studio software will be able to upgrade for FREE. We’ll let you know as soon as it is available. (Can we get a woot, woot?)

Yep, THAT just happened.

Other stuff you may want to know:

  • We will still offer a free 30-day trial version of the MDS software for anyone who had not previously tried the MDS 2 Trial.
  • The original My Digital Studio software (not the product line) is going away, including support for it. The free upgrade will be available soon!
  • MDS 2 (the software that didn’t have much content) is going away.
  • You can still get the software on a disc (item 130647) or as a download (item 130646). Just keep in mind the disc will say MDS 2+ on it because it will take us awhile to switch everything out.

Share your excitement below. (Virtual high-fives all around.)

Stampin’ Up! My Digital Studio Team

And a follow-up announcement:  Here is some additional background… Since the launch of My Digital Studio, we have been making improvements on our end, and our demonstrators have done a great job selling and promoting My Digital Studio on their end. We have been working with our vendor regarding pricing, and now that we have reached higher quantities, our vendor has reduced the cost of the product. We, in turn, are passing that savings along to you immediately. You may remember that we went through a similar process last fall, and were able to pass some savings along to you then in regards to print product pricing. We are thrilled that the popularity of My Digital Studio continues to increase and are committed to the success of this product line.

More good news for those that purchased MDS 2+ from March 1 to March 17, 2013:

If you purchased the software at the old price from March 1 to March 17, 2013, the following will be added to your Download Manager by Wednesday, March 20:

  • Up To Date Planner Template (#133271)
  • Hello There Kit (#133374)
  • Everyday Woodcuts Embellishments (#132191)


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