Gratitude Jar

Sunday Inspiration: Gratitude Jar

Gratitude Jar

This year share what you’re grateful for in a gratitude jar.  This jar is from the archives.  I stamped on designer series paper and wrapped it around a jar then tied ribbon around the lid.

Gratitude Jar tag

During the week have your family write the things they are grateful for and fill the jar.  Small children will enjoy drawing pictures of what they are thankful for and adding them to the jar.  Then on Thanksgiving Day draw out the slips of paper and read them.  Enjoy a discussion with your family of all the things there are to be grateful for. 

Gratitude Jar detail

What are the things you’re thankful for?  How do you share your gratitude in your family?  Do you have a gratitude jar or a similar tradition in your family?

Happy Thanksgiving!



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