My Digital Studio Pool Party!

pool party scrapbook page

Rich Jutkins, Stampin’ Up! President and Chief Operating Officer, wrote “This summer we determined that we would redo the entire backyard, including putting in a pool. Three-and-a-half months later we are finished. Thank goodness it doesn’t take that long to learn how to use our My Digital Studio product! This morning I came in and created a page using only the free trial software that was extended to all of you, and was able to quickly share my summer nightmare. Pool party at my house on Christmas day – everyone is invited!” (his page is above.)

Using My Digital Studio you can quickly preserve your wonderful memories from this summer.  Create a photobook for your family and with a quick click of a button order a couple more for grandparents – they will LOVE it!

Click Here to Order your Stampin’ Supplies

Click Here for Fun, Easy Digital Scrapbooking! 

Enjoy!  Julie

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