Featuring My Digital Studio Super Hero: DaniDeej

MDS Teacher's Read Sign

My adorable niece, Dani, is quite the blogger/artist.  She has created some great prints in My Digital Studio.  During the day she masquerades as a 4th grade teacher, but in the evening she is DaniDeej the MDS Super Hero!

 Today I’ll share some of her creative teacher prints.

A Teacher's Prayer Print

Thank you Print!

Thank You sign print Another feeble attempt to encourage the kids to not tattle and gossip!

THINK Classroom Sign Print

Teacher Appreciation Tag for co-workers.  So clever!

Worker Appreciation Tag I hope you have enjoyed being inspired by Dani’s creations.  I love looking at her crisp and clean graphic design.  Dani,  thanks for sharing!

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Enjoy!  Julie


  1. Danielle

    Thanks for the shout out Auntie Julie! I had to giggle at your write up (masquerades as a 4th grade teacher, hah! 🙂
    Love all the things you create too. Can’t tame us girls! Love you!

  2. Nancy Wells

    Saw these cute postings tonight on Danielle’s blog, too! She is something else! What a talent you both are!

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